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Daily Prompt

Challenges without Stress

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A prompt is merely a word, a phrase, a place, etc., for writers and artists to use as a starting point. This community seeks to provide a prompt a day from a wide range of sources and is open to all fandoms, art forms and original fiction. There are no time limits, and no mandatory participation. This community is simply here to provide inspiration.


1. You can write or create art for ANY previously announced prompt.

2. This isn't just a writing community. Art, icons, image manipulations/wallpaper, winamp skins...whatever you're inspired to create are welcome.

3. We're adult-content friendly, but ask that items of that nature be posted behind a warning cut tag.

4. If you're creating in a fandom, and your piece includes spoilers, please also note for that before providing your work in your post.

5. You do not have to post something everyday. Just as inspiration strikes.

6. You're welcome to share your work that's been inspired by a prompt but it would never be expected or required to do so.

7. Respect the work of others, please. If you cannot distinguish between constructive criticism and insulting an artist or author, keep your comments to yourself. Related to that, any and all comments designed to start arguments, insult participants or in any other way work counter to the purpose of the community will be addressed appropriately.